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gprolog without gui for windows xp

From: C Bohlinger
Subject: gprolog without gui for windows xp
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 11:42:23 +0100

Running prolog in the gprolog gui (gprolog.exe) under windows xp is not that
Every time a prolog program with FD constraint is executed, emitting an
interupt (C-c) leads systematically to a memory exception.
It's not the case for programs without FD predicates.
I want to come back to something simple: emacs + inferior prolog mode.
But I am unable to find the gprolog command which starts prolog in a dos
window, without any GUI.
thank you for your help,
C Bohlinger
OS: windows XP,
gprolog 1.2.16

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