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Re: Storing multiple solutions in a list

From: Vic Bancroft
Subject: Re: Storing multiple solutions in a list
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2006 03:08:42 -0400
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Kandan Venkataraman wrote:

Assume I have a predicate defined f(X,Y) taking two parameters.

If X is a variable, or a partially instantiated variable (i.e. it is a structure), then assume X can have multiple solutions depending on the value of Y.

How do I store the multiple solutions of X in a list. The problem I am having is that once X is bound to a value, I am
unable to unbind it , to find the next solution to store in the list.

You might consider simply using bagof/3 or setof/3 depending on whether you would mind duplicate solutions. If this is for a class assignment, the classic solution is use recursion as in and a clever one is to use a difference list . . .


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