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Re: Quintus to Gnu Prolog conversion

From: pauline . kra
Subject: Re: Quintus to Gnu Prolog conversion
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 15:20:03 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Thierry,
I very much appreciate your patience and suggestions.

I am testing now with a simple file that has no errors, and unlike lexsemact, does not give stack overflow.
The following is the result:

C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting> set TMP="C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting"

C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting>gplc -v
Prolog compiler (GNU Prolog) 1.3.0
By Daniel Diaz
Copyright (C) 1999-2007 Daniel Diaz
You may redistribute copies of GNU Prolog
under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the files named COPYING.

Path used: c:\gnu-prolog

*** Compiling

--- file:
pl2wam -o \gplc2.wam
wam2ma -o \ \gplc2.wam
delete \gplc2.wam
ma2asm -o \gplc4.s \
delete \
mingw-as -o \gplc5.obj \gplc4.s
delete \gplc4.s

*** Linking

cl -nologo -F8000000 -Felexsemacta \gplc5.obj c:\gnu-prolog\lib\all_pl_bips.obj c:\gnu-prolog\lib\all_fd_bips.obj c:\gnu-prolog\lib\top_level.obj c:\gnu-prolog\ lib\debugger.obj c:\gnu-prolog\lib\libbips_fd.lib c:\gnu-prolog\lib\libengine_fd .lib c:\gnu-prolog\lib\libbips_pl.lib c:\gnu-prolog\lib\libengine_pl.lib c:\gnu- prolog\lib\liblinedit.lib advapi32.lib user32.lib ws2_32.lib /link /ignore:4089
Command line error D2018 : cannot create linker response file
compilation failed
deleting temporary files before exit
delete \gplc5.obj
delete \gplc5.obj


On Mon, 28 Apr 2008, Thierry Martinez wrote:

Dear Pauline,

For Windows commmand-line:
C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting>gplc -v
pl2wam -o C:\Documents and Settings\pauline\Local
Settings\Temp\gplc2.wam prep53
input file already specified (and)
compilation failed

The command produced by Gnu-Prolog to run pl2wam is ill-escaped and
"and" is taken as a third argument instead of a part of "Documents and
Settings" (which explains the "(and)" output as a filename in the
error message).

Try to set TMP="C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting" before running gplc.  (Just run
the command:
   gplc -v

For Cygwin:
address@hidden /cygdrive/c/RAPPORT/gnutesting
$ gplc warning: singleton variables [W] for chkforpuncttag/2
link: extra operand `/out:prep530'
Try `link --help' for more information.

(Please check the definition of the predicate pointed out by the
warning, it is often strange to have a singleton variable in a Prolog

Are you sure to use the Cygwin version of gplc?  If you have already
installed this version, try to execute "which gplc" to know which
version is used and change your PATH if necessary.

On Unix:
address@hidden:/adtera/users2/krapaul > gplc warning: singleton variables [W] for chkforpuncttag/2
/tmp/gplcOWJSKa.o(.text+0x682): In function `predicate(write_list/2)':
: undefined reference to `predicate(chkforpunct/2)'

Is the predicate chkforpunct/2 defined somewhere in  gplc
requires that every predicate appearing in a goal has at least one
clause which defines it.  The top-level does not require this to
produce bytecode, but the execution of a goal with such an undefined
predicate will lead to an exception anyway.

However, if chkforpunct/2 is dynamically generated by asserts, then
add ":- dynamic(chkforpunct/2)." somewhere in your code to make gplc
generate a moke for it.


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