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Re: Quintus to Gnu Prolog conversion

From: Thierry Martinez
Subject: Re: Quintus to Gnu Prolog conversion
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 14:25:16 +0200
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Dear Pauline,

> C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting> set TMP="C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting"

Try to remove double-quotes.  I was confused by the Windows
command-line syntax in my previous message.

> C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting>gplc -v
> [...]
> pl2wam -o \gplc2.wam
> [...]

"\gplc2.wam" should be prefixed by "C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting": gplc seems
to be unable to find C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting.  Since gplc should not be
confused by the presence of double-quotes in TMP (as opposed to cl), I
rather suspect something related to long names (perhaps you can try to
set TMP=C:\RAPPORT\GNUTES~1).  Anyway, I didn't manage to reproduce
this misbehaviour when C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting exists.

> [...]
> cl -nologo [...]
> Command line error D2018 : cannot create linker response file
> compilation failed
> [...]
> deleting temporary files before exit
> delete \gplc5.obj
> delete \gplc5.obj

This error should be fixed with the new value of TMP.

Do you really need to use GNU-Prolog outside Cygwin environment?


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