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Re: Quintus to Gnu Prolog conversion

From: pauline . kra
Subject: Re: Quintus to Gnu Prolog conversion
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 10:11:47 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Thierry,
removing the double quotes did not help:

C:\Documents and Settings\pauline\Desktop>cd\rapport\gnutesting

C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting>set TMP=c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting

C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting>gplc -v
Prolog compiler (GNU Prolog) 1.3.0
By Daniel Diaz
Copyright (C) 1999-2007 Daniel Diaz
You may redistribute copies of GNU Prolog
under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the files named COPYING.

Path used: c:\gnu-prolog

*** Compiling

--- file:
pl2wam -o c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc2.wam
wam2ma -o c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\ c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc2.wam
delete c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc2.wam
ma2asm -o c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc4.s c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\
delete c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\
mingw-as -o c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc5.obj c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc4.s
delete c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc4.s

*** Linking

cl -nologo -F8000000 -Felexsemacta c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc5.obj c:\gnu-prolog \lib\all_pl_bips.obj c:\gnu-prolog\lib\all_fd_bips.obj c:\gnu-prolog\lib\top_lev el.obj c:\gnu-prolog\lib\debugger.obj c:\gnu-prolog\lib\libbips_fd.lib c:\gnu-pr olog\lib\libengine_fd.lib c:\gnu-prolog\lib\libbips_pl.lib c:\gnu-prolog\lib\lib engine_pl.lib c:\gnu-prolog\lib\liblinedit.lib advapi32.lib user32.lib
b /link /ignore:4089 /subsystem:console

LINK : error : Internal error during Pass1
compilation failed
deleting temporary files before exit
delete c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc5.obj
delete c:\RAPPORT\gnutesting\gplc5.obj


grateful for your patience,


On Tue, 29 Apr 2008, Thierry Martinez wrote:

Dear Pauline,

C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting> set TMP="C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting"

Try to remove double-quotes.  I was confused by the Windows
command-line syntax in my previous message.

C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting>gplc -v
pl2wam -o \gplc2.wam

"\gplc2.wam" should be prefixed by "C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting": gplc seems
to be unable to find C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting.  Since gplc should not be
confused by the presence of double-quotes in TMP (as opposed to cl), I
rather suspect something related to long names (perhaps you can try to
set TMP=C:\RAPPORT\GNUTES~1).  Anyway, I didn't manage to reproduce
this misbehaviour when C:\RAPPORT\gnutesting exists.

cl -nologo [...]
Command line error D2018 : cannot create linker response file
compilation failed
deleting temporary files before exit
delete \gplc5.obj
delete \gplc5.obj

This error should be fixed with the new value of TMP.

Do you really need to use GNU-Prolog outside Cygwin environment?


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