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RE: Programmatically consulting a prolog file

From: josh b
Subject: RE: Programmatically consulting a prolog file
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 16:01:48 +1000


pl2wam was not in my path, so I added it. Didn't make any difference.

I could not find any function called Pl_Write_Simple(), however, I did try various things like Pl_Rd_String() and Pl_Exec_Continuation(Pl_Find_Atom("throw"), 1, &except);    (Where except was the variable returned from Pl_Get_Exception()).

However, doing anything with except produces an access violation error. In fact, doing anything with any term after trying to consult causes access violations, even with terms that were available and working before hand and were unmodified. Additionally, using Pl_Exec_Continuation anywhere in the code seems to cause a violation.

Initially to get it to work, I had to recompile Prolog, using the instructions (Followed exactly, save for directory locations) found at Just wondering if that could be causing all these violations.


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