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Re: beginner question

From: Sylvain Soliman
Subject: Re: beginner question
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 17:54:36 +0200
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* Luca Ciciriello <address@hidden>:
> I've created the file with the following content:
> listensToMusic(mia). 
> happy(yolanda). 
> playsAirGuitar(mia) :- listensToMusic(mia). 
> playsAirGuitar(yolanda) :- listensToMusic(yolanda). 
> listensToMusic(yolanda):- happy(yolanda).
> and I've loaded it in to interpreter typing [test2].

And you have seen a warning message:
" warning: discontiguous predicate listensToMusic/1 - clause

> now the book is telling me that if I type at the prompt the query:
> ?- playsAirGuitar(yolanda).
> the result i obtain is "yes".
> My problem is that the result I obtain is a big "no".
> Now, as student, I'm a bit confused.
> Who is right and who is wrong?
> The book or the interpreter?

Hmmm... both!

GNU Prolog does not allow discontiguous predicates (and told you so!), so
"no" is correct... However the book is correct "in general", and if you
make the two clauses of listenToMusic contiguous (just one after the other)
it will work.



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