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DLL using

From: Philipp Kraus
Subject: DLL using
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 12:28:58 +0200


I would like to use GnuProlog in an own project, which is written in C/C++. Can 
I use GnuProlog with an interface for my own program?
I have a C++ object, which stores a short dataset, which is often modified, but 
it is a small set, on each step I must run a Prolog call (expert / planning 
and Prolog must return a bool information back to my C++ object.
I have got a lot of these objects, but each object stores its own dataset, so I 
can use a "global" instance of the Prolog interpreter but the Prolog calls must 
be run
in the "context of the object".

Can I use GnuProlog for this problem?

Thanks a lot


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