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Re:Re: how to get some statements about a constant?

From: liubin0314
Subject: Re:Re: how to get some statements about a constant?
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 00:52:40 -0700 (PDT)

thank you very much

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You can use the following, extracted from the user manual:





current_predicate(Pred) succeeds if there exists a predicate indicator of a defined procedure that unifies with Pred. All user defined procedures are found, whether static or dynamic. Internal system procedures whose name begins with ’$’ are not found. A user-defined procedure is found even when it has no clauses. A user-defined procedure is not found if it has been abolished. To conform to the ISO reference, built-in predicates are not found except if the strict_iso Prolog flag is switched off (section 8.22.1). This predicate is re-executable on backtracking.


Then, using more meta-pretapredicates (univ and higher-order call):

| ?- current_predicate(N/2), G=..[N,baba,wo], G.

G = father(baba,wo)
N = father ? ;

(31 ms) no


2013/10/13 <[hidden email]>
Yes, that works fine if you know the predicates in the database, but is it possible yo find the term that contains a constant without knowing the predicae?t
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Subject: Re: how to get some statements about a constant?

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