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Re: Examples per predicate

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: Re: Examples per predicate
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 10:20:10 +0200

Hello Antonio,

it is definitively worth having such kind of examples.

A remark: it is maybe not a good idea to use section numbering because this can change when the documentation is updated. Maybe it is better to group them by subject.


PS: I could not look at your examples (the links are broken).

Le 17 avr. 2014 à 07:20, Antonio Vega <address@hidden> a écrit :

Its been long since I've written a prolog program, turbo prolog was the only one I had access to. I remember how well prolog help me then on mechanical systems synthesis,  and I wondered if if it still do the magic for a manufacturing simulation problem I am dealing with. Being linux my os for many years, I naturally searched for prolog implementations under it, and came across gnuprolog, tried it with some sucsess but there are enough differences/difficulties,( specially on term processing, streams and I/o, ) that I want to overcome.
Source code examples per predicate or group of predicates, and its correspondent query result really helped me then to go into practical matters ( further than the typical family member relationships examples) and I wonder if such files are already available for gnuprolog.
If not, I guess I can share the ones I eventually taylor for myself, my model would be to somehow upload code and queries on  files named after the pertinent section say or depending on the intended scope.  even better a small wiki system will further motivate comunity cooperation speeding the process.
Anyway I would like to hear if is whorth our while.
Antonio Vega

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