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Is the Prolog runtime re-entrantable in Prolog --> C --> Prolog procedur

From: Shuai Wang
Subject: Is the Prolog runtime re-entrantable in Prolog --> C --> Prolog procedure?
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 14:24:27 -0400

Hello prolog users,

I just asked a question in this email list about 
"why failed in process of Prolog call C call Prolog"

Now after several test, I have a more general question which confused 

I myself have some experience about using C call Prolog and 
using Prolog to call C in GNU-Prolog, however, I have several 
strange problems in recent test of procedure below:

     C -- call -- > Prolog -- call --> C -- call --> Prolog 
     -- return --> C -- return --> Prolog (fail..)

So basically, is the Prolog runtime reentrantable in Prolog --> C --> Prolog

I attached my test code in the email, in this code, the weird thing is that return value of TMP  in  Prolog function foo  can not be binded.

BTW:  Is it something related to the arguments of 
Pl_Query_Begin; Pl_Query_End ?


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