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Re: [announce]SDL2 module for gprolog

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: Re: [announce]SDL2 module for gprolog
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2016 19:06:49 +0100
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Thank you for this nice contribution !


Le 13/01/2016 18:49, emacstheviking a écrit :
It works reasonably well, it was very interesting to do and I learned a lot about everything!

I have one small issue with it but I don't think it is the bindings per se, more the nature of the UI I put together... it leaks memory. I remember posting a few messages here but I never got a satisfactory solution which is why I stopped work on it. What there is however is 99.9% solid, covers

  -- standard SDL
  -- TTF handling
  -- Image handling
  -- Sound handling

It might also like to be put on the "contributions" page in case somebody finds a use for it!

I am hoping to return to my partially completed RabbitMQ module at some point soon... I want to try writing "microservice" type applications using RabbitMQ as the message bus.


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