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Re: Debugger / internals question...

From: emacstheviking
Subject: Re: Debugger / internals question...
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 13:10:55 +0000

I answered my own question then!

After posting, I went off and read the small print about ports and leashing, not something I'd read that closely before and by merely issuing 'trace' followed by 'leash(none)' and running some sample code, I was presented with a lovely trace.

Just what I wanted.

And of course, running from an emacs buffer with the prolog.el from Bruda, I get to keep it! Job done, moving on, nothing to see hear!

I love GNU Prolog


On 14 January 2016 at 12:57, emacstheviking <address@hidden> wrote:
Before I waste my effort... is there an option to "trace" to a file?

I have long wanted the ability to capture the trace/spy/inspection output to a rolling logfile as the code runs instead of having to press return. Debugging gprolog is hard sometimes.

SWI has the visual debugger but I am sure that's overkill, I don't actually like the SWI environment that much, it looks clunky despite being effective when you stick with it,

I think I will check out the latest source code on Ubuntu and dig into it... I fancy either modify the existing trace command or adding a new command that will just write the current information to a file and keep on running.

It couldn't be that hard....

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