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Buffer overrun on windows

From: Anders D Nygaard
Subject: Buffer overrun on windows
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 23:37:29 +0200


I'm currently brushing a bit up on my 30+ years old Prolog-fu on a puzzle,
using GNU-Prolog 1.4.4, dated Apr 23 2013 on Windows 10

In the process, I seem to be running into a buffer overrun in ntdll.dll
with the message
"cookie instrumentation code detected a stack-based buffer overrun"
after a *lot* of backtracking producing multiple solutions for the puzzle;
it takes several minutes of processing.

I cannot be sure, but it seems to be related to unwinding after the last solution,
and seems to be fully reproducible.

I've looked at the user and bug mailing lists, but there seems to be little
activity the past couple of years, and in any case, my repro scenario
is probably very far from minimal, so it seems unreasonable to inflict
my 400+ lines program on the bug list just yet.

Any advice? Is it a known issue? Is GNU-Prolog supposed to support
Windows 10? Ideas for trimming code to a minimum for a proper bug report?
Will anyone be there to look at it if I do?

Anders D. Nygaard.

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