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Re: Buffer overrun on windows

From: Michał Bieliński
Subject: Re: Buffer overrun on windows
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 08:13:56 +0200
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Dnia 10 Wrzeƛnia 2017, 23:37, N, Anders D Nygaard napisaƂ:
> In the process, I seem to be running into a buffer overrun in
> ntdll.dll with the message "cookie instrumentation code detected
> a stack-based buffer overrun" after a *lot* of backtracking
> producing multiple solutions for the puzzle; it takes several
> minutes of processing.

Never heard of that problem. That said my uses for Prolog rarely demand
very deep stack nesting.

> I've looked at the user and bug mailing lists, but there seems
> to be little activity the past couple of years, and in any case,
> my repro scenario is probably very far from minimal, so it seems
> unreasonable to inflict my 400+ lines program on the bug list
> just yet.

Indeed, there is little activity but some observers are present. If you
can post the program somewhere and drop a link here I will attempt to
reproduce it on Arch Linux with varying settings of stack size limit.

> Is GNU-Prolog supposed to support Windows 10?

x86_64 / Win64 is on supported platforms list.

> Ideas for trimming code to a minimum for a proper bug report?

Nothing specific without at least a general knowledge of what the solution
is supposed to accomplish. Usual debugging techniques like removing
non-essential code paths may be useful. You might try to reproduce the
behavior by writing something specifically targeted to go very deep on the
stack and see if it blows up.

> Will anyone be there to look at it if I do?

Several people are regulars over the years. Sometimes (often?) people
asking a question receive a direct reply instead of email back to the
whole list and this contributes to impression of this place being

Anyway, I am interested and one person might just be enough. However, if
it will turn to be Windows specific I will be unable to help much.


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