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[Varnamproject-discuss] suggestions file validity

From: Kevin Martin
Subject: [Varnamproject-discuss] suggestions file validity
Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 23:15:09 +0530

I'm working on adding a validity check to the suggestions file supplied.

I have made the following changes to varnam.c :

When enabling suggestions, varnam.c first opens the suggestions file using fopen. Then it reads the first 6 characters from the file. If it is a valid SQLite database, then the first 6 chars would be 'SQLite'. An if statement checks this and the function returns if an SQLite file is not supplied.

The changes can be found here :

I am having problems with gitorious. I simply couldn't commit my changes. I checked and double checked to make sure that I'm not doing it wrong. First, my git failed to show a diff (or say that a file has been modified) when I copy pasted and overwrited varnam.c. It said varnam.c was modified only when I manually edited the contents. And when I pushed my changes (after commiting) to the origin, it said that changes have been pushed but it didn't show up on gitorious. Another attempt at push would say "everything up to date". And no, I did not push to the wrong remote!

I tried doing it with different clones too. Did not work. I do not think its a problem with gitorious. Could be something wrong with my git.

But curiously enough, I could push the changes to my github repo with the exact same methods. So please go through the diffs on github for now. I'll see what's wrong with my git (or if its indeed a gitorious problem).

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