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[Varnamproject-discuss] ANNOUNCE: libvarnam-3.2.5 released!

From: Navaneeth K N
Subject: [Varnamproject-discuss] ANNOUNCE: libvarnam-3.2.5 released!
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2015 20:06:06 +0530
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libvarnam-3.2.5 is released!

What is libvarnam

`libvarnam` is the core library that powers the whole varnamproject. It
handles transliteration, prediction etc

* Mapping rr in Kannada
* Import words will validate the word belongs to the current scheme
* Fixing warning when compiling ml scheme
* Added a period token type to handle devanagari DANDA
* Mapping Kannada length mark
* Fixing Marathi mapping where "aani" was not working


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