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Re: [Varnamproject-discuss] Can't get libvarnam-ibus to work

From: Navaneeth K N
Subject: Re: [Varnamproject-discuss] Can't get libvarnam-ibus to work
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2016 12:31:15 +0530

On 09/04/16 1:34 AM, Kevin Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> Finally got it to work. It was all issues with ibus. In kubuntu 15.10, I
> was not having ibus as the default input method (even though my input
> method preferences said ibus was default). Setting it as default again
> solved the issue. However, I cannot type in varnam-ml in firefox. I
> switched to arabic to test and the characters print in firefox. Another
> weird thing is that I could not get ibus to work in ubuntu 15.10 unity
> yet, though it comes with ibus as default input method. Seems like
> ibus's behaviour changes from one desktop environment to another.

Nice to know that it worked for you. iBus also need good documentation
and many things changes based on the version, GTK version etc.

> What are your plans for libvarnam-ibus?

Long pending one is to make it ready for users. IMO, varnam-ibus works
really well and I didn't had issues with it so far. We need to cleanup
the `varnamd` integration and make the installation smooth. So that
anyone who needs to use it can use it without any hassle.

So my first plan will be to release a v1. I will create a label in the
repo and add issues under it. Please do the same for all the issues that
you come across.

If you can, I'd also like you to take up and maintain the whole project.
We can get Balu's help in packaging.

> thanks,
> Kevin Martin Jose


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