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[Varnamproject-discuss] Libvarnam issue

From: malayalee coder
Subject: [Varnamproject-discuss] Libvarnam issue
Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 00:52:52 +0530

As I would be doing my GSoC project in varnam and Indic-Keyboard, for
starters, I am trying to solve some beginner issues in both the areas.

a doubt raised, whether, when accepting a sentence, how are the
transliterated suggestions be displayed? I mean, should it be just
word by word suggestion, one after the other in vertical blocks? Or
the entire combination of the words which the sentence is composed of
as a suggested sentence?

varnamc -s ml -t ente keralam ethre sundaram

if the suggestions are like a sentence, there would be 10*9*6*6 = 3240
lines of suggestions which is obsolete. So can anyone suggest me a
better option.


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