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Re: [Vemail-devel] Vemail project status update

From: Jama Poulsen
Subject: Re: [Vemail-devel] Vemail project status update
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 18:31:10 +0100
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The second Vemail status update:

New: Vemail now has initial support for GNU Autoconf and Automake,
to make Vemail easy to configure and install.

New: It is now possible to switch between editable web forms
and read-only web forms.

New: Auto search-form building is now working in Vemail.
This will make it possible to create complex query's, like:


You can specify in the DSO, which fields to make searchable,
(optionally) how they will be presented, and if the search is
inclusive or exclusive.

Other LDAP filter operator support ( '!', '~', '>', '<=', etc.)
needs more work. The same goes for range selection list support
from DSO data.

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 05:13:31PM +0100, Jama Poulsen wrote:
> Before I'm willing to make a release for public testing I'd
> like to get the following things fixed/done:
> - Cleanup of the Vemail API used by the CGI service scripts

Done. The service API is now quite simple to use.

New data management services can be created with a minimal
amount of basic and specific code (and a service schema).

I've even build a DNS management interface (for ldapdns)
within 2 hours, which can handle all kinds of resource

The DNS service (and others too) still need data hierarchy
support, so thats now high on my to-do list.

I have an idea to remove all redundant code from the services,

> - Fix several input handling bugs (documented in BUGS)

All fixed now.

I still need to find a way to cleanly add/remove image
data from LDAP. The 'viewing' part is already there.

> - Better error handling and user feedback in web forms

Still to be done. Easy to do, but boring.

> - Use LDAP schema data for required/optional attributes

Done. This info is now retrieved from the used objectClasses.
> - Complete vemailc/ toolset.
>   This means implementing the complete vemailc interface
>   add/backup/restore/reload functionality.

Done, but some small bugs need to be fixed.

>   Manual page for vemailc.


The vemailc tool has a new feature which allows for creating
an arbitrary number of LDAP object from a LDIF template file.
You can use increments and a few random variables in the ldif
template to make the entries differ from each other. Simple,
but very nice to test for scalability and web interface usability.

> - Complete web based DSO configuration (using
>   functions).
>   Most of this is already in place (with some bugs).

Still to be done.
> - Restructure Vemail LDAP tree handling for the 'ident' service
>   according to:

Done. The 'ident' service can now hold: user accounts, groups
and applications.

> - Implement role-based Vemail LDAP ACL system
>   The identity management design I have for this is
>   already quite clear.

Still to be done. High on the to-do list.
> - Client-side trigger functionality when modifying RDN
>   related fields

Still to be done.
Jama Poulsen

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