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Re: [vm-bugs] wrong-type-argument for vm-fill-long-lines-in-reply

From: Matthew Lovell
Subject: Re: [vm-bugs] wrong-type-argument for vm-fill-long-lines-in-reply
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 15:05:13 -0700

Hi Uday,

Responding to one observation you made in your reply...

Uday Reddy writes:
 > > I can also get the identical error to occur by interactively calling
 > > vm-fill-long-lines-in-reply in the composition frame of the reply.
 > I think it is a good idea to allow the interactive use of this command.  So,
 > I will add a check for the variable.
 > However, I think it is not a good idea to do automatic filling any more.
 > You can turn on auto-fill-mode in the message composition buffer.  If there
 > are still long lines when you send, then VM will MIME-encode the message so
 > that it is legal and the email recipients can use their own viewers to do
 > filling or wrapping.
 > The problem with automatic filling is that it removes line breaks which may
 > be important, e.g., in tables or program code.

I can see your point.  There have often been instances in which the
auto-filling has made it totally impossible to read very wide

What variable settings do you know recommend (or, equivalent, what
should I go remove from my ~/.vm file)?


Matthew Lovell

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