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Re: [Weaver-framework] Some suggestions...

From: Thiago (Harry)
Subject: Re: [Weaver-framework] Some suggestions...
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 11:03:10 +0000
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On 21/02, Cojocaru Alexandru wrote:

> Here are some suggestions, feature requests and bug reports: - When
> adding a new pair of files (.c/.h) with `weaver' it should *not* add
> an #include "filename.h" in all others .h files. It should at most
> add an `include' statement in game.h;

Done. The change will be shipped in the 0.2 release.

> - It would be nice if you used the autotools

I'm needing to study more about how to use the autotools. I'll put in
my TODO list, but certainly I won't have time to implement in the next
release. Perhaps in some other future release.

> - I don't need fullscreen, can you add the possibility to specify
> - screen resolution? 

I'm planning to implement something like a conf/configuration.h, file
where you can put some macros like '#define FULLSCREEN' or '#define
WINDOW_WIDTH 800' to change weaver's default behavior without
increasing the functions' complexity or number of arguments. I doubt
that I'll have time to implement this for the next release, but it
would be a nice thing to implement in the 0.3 release.

>  Use pkg-config with libpng too, it fails to compile under
> Parabola GNU/Linux-libre otherwise;

Done. This change will be shipped in the 0.2 release.

> - Put `-Wl,-as-needed' in CFLAGS, in thiw way libraries not needed
    will not be linked;

Done. This change will be shipped in the 0.2 release.

> - The correct way to declare global variables, is to put an extern
>    int foo; in `some_file.h' and int foo; in `some_file.c'.

Done. This change will be shipped in the 0.2 release.

> - Under GNU files ending in ~ are backup files. Weaver should not
    remove them.

Done. In fact, clean the directory tree should be a task for the
Makefile, not the weaver script. I'm planning to change weaver's
behaviour to print information and statistics about a project when the
script is invoked without arguments and inside a project's
directory. It'll stop to erase temporary files in the next release.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Thiago "Harry" Leucz Astrizi (9869-1826 - TIM)
- Graduando em Ciência da Computação (http://www.inf.ufpr.br/tla06)
- Bolsista Instrutor UFPR (http://www.inf.ufpr.br/instrutores)
- Levante Popular da Juventude (http://levante.org.br)
"Sonha e serás livre de espírito... luta e serás livre na vida."
- Ernesto "Che" Guevara

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