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[Windows7sins-translators] Move the translation to the main page

From: Osama KM
Subject: [Windows7sins-translators] Move the translation to the main page
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 20:04:02 +0300
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The list of translations is available in the meta page, under the button "get 
involved". The ordinary visitors may not note the existence of other 

I suggest doing the same as adding a list of translations at the end 
of the main page of the English version as well as the others. There could be 
an "included" file at the end of all index.php versions in all supported 
languages like "<?php include('../en/live/translations.html'); ?>" (which 
should include the languages with their links).

Osama Khalid
Windows 7 is a new era of restrictions. <>

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