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[Windows7sins-translators] Handle incoming tickets for translations

From: Matt Lee
Subject: [Windows7sins-translators] Handle incoming tickets for translations
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 15:02:49 -0500
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At the FSF, we use an internal ticketing system. People write to us,
their emails go into a ticketing queue and are answered by a mixture of
staff and volunteers.

We're now getting questions about translations, typos, flyer
suggestions, etc.

So, if you're currently working on a translation of
please do the following:

Email address@hidden with the following subject: 'RT account for
campaigns-translators' and ask for an RT account.

Once you have your account (it may take a few days for the sysadmins to
create your account) please go to and login.

Please let me know your username, and which language you're translating.

Figuring out RT can be a little tricky, so to get you started I'll
assign a ticket to you to get started. Most of this work is just
following up with people who send in suggestions for the websites, or
flyers, and thanking them.

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