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[Zebra-bug] zebra-bug message from Consuelo

From: Consuelo Best
Subject: [Zebra-bug] zebra-bug message from Consuelo
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 02:07:37 +0360

WE Will Just start it's EXPLOTION. Market will make itself the rest .    

Stronghold Industries Inc leading supplier of premium home technologies and 
Symbol SGDS    
Trade date Mar 06, 2007   
Price $0.05     
Growth +20%.

Stronghold's elite-class security arm, Moore Protection, protects over $750 
million in residential property in the Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Pacific 
Palisades and Malibu areas of Southern California. With a "Who's Who" roster of 
celebrity clientele, Moore Protection is the fastest growing security company 
in its market segment.
Ask your broker about SGDS
Not intersted? Just watch.

One more thing, this isn't the first, second, or even third major software 
problem has had at a big moment.  
> Change things fast or lose business bigtime.  
I realize he doesn't write the software.  
A set of symptoms in which a huge swap file is exhausted is to take a real 
close look at memory leaks.   
If you can't handle one computer malfuntion, then you might want to think about 
the slight possibibilty of going into another means of  supporting your selfish 
self, if you catch my drift! 
With that in mind to whom should I have addressed my dissatisfation.  
> is very clearly the joke of the big online rooms.  
I hinted an earlier post that something might be very wrong with the software 
running larger tournaments.   
> Any new or bigger promotion creates a mandatory lock-up of your computers.   
(For example changing tables or some other behavior that causes a memory leak.) 
> is very clearly the joke of the big online rooms.  
> RR 

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