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printer memory overflow

From: Janos . Zana
Subject: printer memory overflow
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 16:56:04 +0200 (CEST)

Dear friends,

I am using a2ps from Debian potato by a Samba server because the printer
is attached to an MS Windows 98 machine. The printer is a HP laserjet IIIP
built with 1 Mbyte memory. (Non-postscipt printer.)

If I try to print this way:
a2ps -1 somefile.txt -P someprinter
the printer says: "memory overflow error". I have to press the
ALT-continue button on the printer, and I get a wonderful printout but
missing lower part of the page. It can be found on the next paper
sheet. The setting of printer: A4 sheet and A4 job. The paper is A4.

My consumtion of paper is twice what would be needed. Please tell me what
to do?
                                 János          ... Budapest

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