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The power of Email Marketing

From: Marketing Manager
Subject: The power of Email Marketing
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 13:36:07 +0800

You are receiving this email because you registered to receive special offers from one of our marketing partners. 
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Tens of millions of people now use email as a fast and effective method of  communicating 
with friends and  business colleagues.  Many  email  users will  be potential  buyers of your 
product or service.
  If you want to introduce and sell your product or service,  it would be the 
best way  for you  to use the  email to contact  with  your targeted  customers (of course you should be aware of  the  email address of the targeted customers  firstly ).Targeted email is 
no doubt very effective. If  you could introduce your product or service through  email directly  
to  the customer who are interested in them, it will bring to you much  more business chance 
and success.

XinLan Internet Marketing Center , has many years of experience in developing  utilizing 
internet resources.We have set up global business email address databases, which  contain
millions  of   email  addresses of  commercial  enterprises and  consumers all over the world. 
These email addresses are sorted by countries and fields. By using  advanced  professional
technology, we also continuously update our databases,add new addresses ,  remove undel-
iverables and unsubscribe addresses.With the cooperation with our partners, We are able to
supply  valid targeted email  addresses  according  to  your  requirements ( for example,  you 
need some email addresses of Importers in the field of auto spare parts in England).With our 
supplied email addresses,you can easily and directly contact your potential customers.

We also supply  a  wide variety  of software. 
For example , Wcast,  the software for  fast-sending emails:  this software will enable you to 
send  emails  at  the rate of  over 10,000  pcs  per hour, and to release  information  to 
thousands of people in a short  time.

We are pleased to tell you that we are now offering our best prices :

          Emails  or  Software                                       Remarks     Price
 50,000 targeted email addresses 
We are able to supply  valid  targeted  email addresses according to your requirements , which are all compiled  upon your order,such as region / country / occupation / field / Domain Name (like AOL.com or MSN.com) etc.

  USD 30.00 
     Classified email addresses
Our database contains more than 1600 sort of email addresses,and can meet with your different demands.
    8 million email addresses
8 million global commercial enterprises email addresses
 USD 240.00 
        Wcast software 
Software for fast-sending emails 
  USD 39.00 
       Email searcher software  Software for searching targeted email addresses
  USD 68.00 
        Global Trade Poster
Spread info about your business and your products over 1500 trade message boards and newgroups.  
 USD 135.00 
       Jet-Hits Plus 2000 Pro 
Software for submitting website to 8000+  search engines 
  USD 79.00 

You may directly order the emails or  softwares  from our website. For more details, please 
refer to our website

It is our honour if you are interested in our services or softwares. 
Please do not hesitate to
contact us if any queries or concerns. We are glad to serve you.

Best regards!

                    K. Peng
Marketing Manager


XinLan Internet Marketing Center

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