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VERE: The Network Marketing Success Ezine subscription for address@hidde

From: maxmulti . vm
Subject: VERE: The Network Marketing Success Ezine subscription for address@hidden
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 04:58:49 -0400

"As a search engine master, I know how obnoxious and rude it is to get added to a mailing list without permission (known as an opt out list). I endorse the technology and procedures Veretekk has developed. They are setting a good example by following proper procedure", Michael Darling, Search Engine Professional.

Our system follows the rules. We obtain permission first with opt-in procedures, and that is just what this is. Just asking permission before adding someone to your list is the right thing to do and we wish everyone would do it. I bought a list, and your email address, address@hidden, was purchased from someone by me, and uploaded to the Veremail system to request verification from you. You will not be on this list unless you return the email or click on the link below giving me permission to add you to my The Network Marketing Success Ezine Newsletter. This is an attempt to transfer you to this list from a recent list we acquired, with your permission only. Your permission must process through the Veretekk verification system. Verification protects you from UCE and protects us from complaints.

Martin Løvenfeldt

Would you like to learn Secret Internet Marketing Techniques? That's what  someone told me when I purchased your email address! If this is true, just reply to this email and you will be pleasantly surprised. No gimmicks, just great advice and free services to help you master the Internet!

By subscribing to my The Network Marketing Success Ezine Newsletter, you will receive valuable free offers with no catches, secrets of the successful Internet gurus and many other valuable services and goods like free software, free leads, .

NOTE: This procedure for verifying unconfirmed lists and submissions follows MAPSSM Principles. MAPS guidelines are recognized as the legitimate process to prevent abuse. Veremail by Inetekk's privacy policy.

Until you verify, you are not on our list. If you wish to be blocked from future verification requests, please read on.

Please allow at least 48 hours for your subscribe request to be processed.
To utilize this offer, you must add yourself to this list by either:
Submitting to the list by clicking the subscribe me button:


Hit reply to this message:

By doing so you are giving me permission to send you verified optin email. This message is an automated verification request from the Veremail system and Martin Løvenfeldt
If you wish to block your email from receiving verifications:
NOTE: Full logs are kept on verified email and is searchable at:http://inetekk.com/abuse.html
This verification request resulted from Martin Løvenfeldt uploading your address from IP address Date stamp: 2002-07-11 00:00:00

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