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Re: Need help with a2ps version 4.13

From: earthur
Subject: Re: Need help with a2ps version 4.13
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 15:56:40 +0000

OK Bruce, which OS are you running on?

On a typical Unix install it is in:


Assuming you're on Unix, did you run "make install"
or are you running out of your own directory.  If the
latter, you may have to rebuild with the following:

% ./configure --prefix=$HOME
% make

> Hi,
> I recently downloaded the latest version of a2ps and I cannot run it. I
> keep getting the following error:
> a2ps: cannot find file `level1.ppd': A file or directory in the path
> name does not exist.
> I have included the directory name in my Unix path environment variable
> but it still
> keeps giving me the same error.
> Do you know how I can correct this ?
> Thank you.
> Bruce W. Melberg
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