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Re: [Artanis] Fwd: Web Browser Plugin/Extension : HTML <script type="app

From: Julio Claudio Matus Ramirez
Subject: Re: [Artanis] Fwd: Web Browser Plugin/Extension : HTML <script type="application/gnuguile"></script>?
Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2019 02:17:38 +0900
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I just found the question interesting, and was having troubles sleeping,
so let me give you a quick answer.

>HTML <script type="application/gnuguile"></script>?

This sounds very hard, as it would require official acceptance of the
web consortium (?), or at least the people (mostly companies...) writing
web browsers. And they don't really have much to win by adding gnuguile
as an extension language trying to replace javascript I guess.

However, "unofficially", there are some ways to run guile, or at least
something scheme-like in your browser.

Here is what I was able to find:

# google summer of code project, guile running javascript basically

# mentioning guile can be run as an applet by "SurfIt!"

# scheme interpreter written on javascript -> the closest thing to what
# you're looking for I guess

# web server to run scheme, so you can have fun directly from your
# browser (it looks kind of easier to just install scheme directly though )

In short, 

> interesting to have GNU Guile run client side in a web browser, and
> forget about writing ECMA script. 

Probably not going to happen anytime soon.
Running scheme on top of javascript is possible though. That might be
good enough if you just hate javascript ;)
And there is/was (?) a browser that could run guile "applets" (sounds
very 90's).

This isn't really related to artanis directly, but I guess it was the
closest thing you could find :D.
I hope I was able to help you.

Marc Dunivan <address@hidden> writes:

> GNU Artanis web framework developers:
> Is there a project dedicated to creating web browser plugins/extensions that 
> allow GNU Guile to run client side in the browser?  If so, do they have a
> website?
> Basically an Internet media type in the HTML script tag:
>  <script type="application/javascript"> </script> or 
>  <script type="application/javascript"> </script>.
>  e.g.: <script type="application/gnuguile"></script>
> I didn't see the Internet media type listed here:
> I understand that GNU Guile can act as a web server and a web client, and GNU 
> Artanis is a server side web framework.  However, I thought it would be
> interesting to have GNU Guile run client side in a web browser, and forget 
> about writing ECMA script. 
> Respectfully,


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