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[Artanis] URL Mapping w/o redirect-to?

From: Marc Dunivan
Subject: [Artanis] URL Mapping w/o redirect-to?
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 16:27:12 -0700


Using art (MVC).
$ art draw controller index show

What rule do I put into ENTRY to have show without redirecting to

This works, but redirects in the browser:
(get "^/index/?$" (lambda (rc) (redirect-to rc "/index/show")))

This also works, but doesn't call the controller /app/controllers/index.scm, it calls the template directly:
(get "^/index/?$" (lambda () (tpl->response "app/views/index/show.html.tpl" )))

(get "^/index/?$" (lambda (rc) (???? response-emit ???)))


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