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Re: [Arx-users] Migrating to 2.0

From: Walter Landry
Subject: Re: [Arx-users] Migrating to 2.0
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 10:27:01 -0400 (EDT)

Kevin Smith <address@hidden> wrote:
> I successfully built arx 2.0(-pre) today (hooray!). Although one of my 
> goals is/was to avoid learning arx1, I used arx1 to pull the arx2 source 
> code. Now my arx2 working directory is in arx1 format, with an {arch} 
> directory.
> I assume arx2 cannot directly read arx1 archives.


> So it seems like I would have to have both executables on my system
> for some (possibly infinite) transition period. Obviously this is
> not a big deal for me, but seems like it would be for anyone who has
> been using arx for real work.
> Is there a migration utility or planned migration path to upgrade 
> existnig archives to arx2 format?

Yes.  I have written it and I have converted all of my archives.

> Also, do you (Walter) plan to host an arx2 source archive in arx2 format 
> any time soon?

I should have something up later today.


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