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Re: RSSH_CHECK_OFF64_T: Would you agree to re-license your macro?

From: Ruslan Shevchenko
Subject: Re: RSSH_CHECK_OFF64_T: Would you agree to re-license your macro?
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 08:52:07 +0300 (EEST)
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 Yes, relicensing to All-Permissive or any of cases are fine.
I must submit patch or just this letter is enought ?

> Hi Ruslan,
> the macros distributed by the Autoconf Archive are intended to be free
> software in the sense that their licensing terms do not restrict the
> ways in which other projects can re-use them. Unfortunately, we were
> recently informed by the FSF that the LGPL license does not meet that
> criteria, because it does impose legal restrictions on the generated
> configure script.
> Because of that issue, we were wondering whether you'd willing to
> re-release your RSSH_CHECK_OFF64_T macro under a license that doesn't
> have that problem. The FSF recommends use of the All-Permissive license
> (which is the one you've used for RSSH_CHECK_SUNPRO_C, too), but both
> GPL plus Autoconf Exception or the BSD license are just as good for our
> purposes.
> Can you help us remedy that situation?
> With kind regards,
> Peter

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