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Re: Updates to three ac-archive macros

From: guidod-2011-
Subject: Re: Updates to three ac-archive macros
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 18:20:47 +0200
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Hi everyone,

I have changed the web pages at today to prominently
point to the GNU autoconf macro archive to check for further updates.
The project pages have been modified saying that the AC archive is
"inactive" and for the most part discontinued.[*]

This move could have been done in the last years already as there was
not much chance anymore for a second site when the Autoconf maintainers
chose to include a link to the autoconf macro archive in the Autoconf
documentation - and this was the GNU macro archive. And only that. No
alternative to be supported.

I don't know how that came about but one may simply say that it turned
out to be a very nifty change when Peter moved his macro archive code
base from to GNU savannah. Congrats. While I did continue the
work on the AC macro archive for some time it turned out that my life
changed considerably. Lots and lots of business to do. So it came that
there was no update to the AC archive in the last two years. And I do
not expect that I can pick up on it in the next months either.

So Peter, I hope you do continue the good work. You do seem to care
for any submission being handled right and that's the most important
thing when running a community project.

best regards, Guido

[*] (there are some subpages at that
     I will continue to update, e.g. largefile, stdint, etc)

Am 29.04.2011 18:46, schrieb Peter Simons:
> Hi Daniel,
>  > I've re-applied my changes to the macros in this repository; a new patch
>  > is attached.
> thank you very much. I've pushed your changes fe98ff5b, da0d41b5, and
> 224fa4d8 to the Git repository.
>  > Would it be possible to modify the site at
>  >
>  >
>  >
>  > to redirect to the current site?
> Guido Draheim runs the site at, so that would have to be his
> decision.
> Take care,
> Peter

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