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Re: Updates to three ac-archive macros

From: Peter Simons
Subject: Re: Updates to three ac-archive macros
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 22:11:55 +0200

Hi Guido,

 > I have changed the web pages at today to prominently
 > point to the GNU autoconf macro archive to check for further updates. The
 > project pages have been modified saying that the AC archive is "inactive"
 > and for the most part discontinued.

Thank you very much. You have invested a great deal of time and effort into
the AC-Archive site, and that made it difficult to let go of the project.
Given the circumstances, I believe that it was the right decision, though.

 > [There] was not much chance anymore for a second site when the Autoconf
 > maintainers chose to include a link to the autoconf macro archive in the
 > Autoconf documentation - and this was the GNU macro archive. [...] I
 > don't know how that came about but one may simply say that it turned out
 > to be a very nifty change when Peter moved his macro archive code base
 > from to GNU Savannah.

I don't completely agree with this interpretation, but I guess it's an
academic discussion anyway, so let's not pursue it.

 > So Peter, I hope you do continue the good work. You do seem to care for
 > any submission being handled right and that's the most important thing
 > when running a community project.

Thank you very much. For my part, I hope that you'll find the time to
contribute a new macro every now and then, or maybe submit a patch to
improve one of the existing entries. You have an exceptionally good
understanding of the problems involved in writing portable software, and the
macros you contributed have clearly been useful for great many people. Your
work has also been instructive and inspiring for others, who managed to come
up with sophisticated solutions based on the efforts you had done before.

Take care,

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