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[patch #8613] Simplify _AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11_testbody

From: Alexey Sokolov
Subject: [patch #8613] Simplify _AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11_testbody
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 23:20:48 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #5, patch #8613 (project autoconf-archive):

One problem with such static_assert is that __cplusplus doesn't say anything
about STL. For example, when Clang 3.2 is used with libstd++ from installation
of GCC 4.4. Such STL doesn't support C++11, but it's part of language, and
compiler would still report __cplusplus >= 201103L.

Another point, due to a some bug in compiler, some valid C++11 code doesn't
compile, even though __cplusplus >= 201103L because developers of the compiler
were not aware about that bug. Depending on what exact features of C++11 are
used in the project, sometimes such bug isn't harmful, but sometimes it is.
Yes, the project can look at list of features, and enable checks only for
those which it uses, but it looks fragile for me. It's easy to forget to
update this list in, if one sees that project already uses C++11
and therefore assumes that C++11-capable compiler is already required.


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