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ax_code_coverage.m4 API breakage plus errors

From: Brad House
Subject: ax_code_coverage.m4 API breakage plus errors
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 17:02:38 -0400
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I am a maintainer of c-ares and recently hit a few issues regarding ax_code_coverage.m4.

First, when running  autoreconf -fi  on a new system, it replaces ax_code_coverage.m4 in our archive with a newer one, which is normally fine.  However the API has changed with the removal of @CODE_COVERAGE_RULES@.  This broke building of course for a lot of package managers on newer systems.  If possible you might want to try restoring @CODE_COVERAGE_RULES@ with some compatibility layer for other users of this, its obviously no longer relevant to us since we've since adapted.

Next, after fixing the integration issue (and thus necessitating pulling the latest version into our repository along with a slew of new m4 dependencies), while testing on *older* systems, it uncovered an issue in the latest ax_code_coverage.m4 where AC_MSG_ERROR() was being quoted and older versions of autoconf/automake couldn't support that.  We applied a patch locally for that in our repository:


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