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Re: autoconf 2.53 doesn't find autom4te

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: autoconf 2.53 doesn't find autom4te
Date: 13 Jun 2002 14:31:52 +0200
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>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Haible <address@hidden> writes:

Bruno> Akim Demaille writes:

>> It is a bug from the user if autoconf cannot be found in the PATH.

Bruno> Akim, 

Hi Bruno!

Bruno> what do you think we have support for --prefix in autoconf for?
Bruno> If what you say were right, namely that the user never must
Bruno> call programs outside of PATH, then every user could install
Bruno> his stuff in /usr/local/bin or $HOME/bin, and there would never
Bruno> be the need for --prefix.

--prefix is there for the executables to find their files, because
there is no such thing as PATH for these files.

Bruno> The world is not that simple.


>> It is wrong to hard code locations in the binaries.

Bruno> All GNU packages which install multiple files need this. gcc
Bruno> needs this to find its lib/gcc-lib/... dir, all
Bruno> internationalized packages need to hardcode LOCALEDIR so they
Bruno> find the message catalogs, vim needs to hardcode its help
Bruno> texts, and so on.

But then again, in the present case there is something standard named
PATH.  For instance, I wouldn't be hurt if NLS had something like
/etc/ plus some envvar to override at runtime.

>> Bypassing PATH is far worse, as you are breaking the most basic
>> Unix convention: obeying PATH.

Bruno> This is not one of the most basic Unix conventions. Otherwise
Bruno> there wouldn't be system calls like execl() and execv().


I'm referring to users, who are certainly more used to PATH than
calling execl, compiling, and running that program to run autoconf.

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