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Need help !

From: Thomas Nagler
Subject: Need help !
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 16:54:49 +0200

Dear "Automakers"

I am a new user of automake, which I find realy quite useful.

But by the way I have a problem, which kept me busy the last 4 days, and
which is not working by now. Perhaps you can help me to get it run:

I am working on a SUN SOlaris 2.7 and a Linux SUSE 7.0
The automake is the current CVS version (checkout last week)
and Perl 5.005_03 .

The Makefile should do the following steps:

First) compile and link sysdep.f and undersore.c  to sysdep (executable)
Second) run sysdep, which generates system dependent include and Header 
        files sysdep.h and
Third) built the library libgetorb.a (several files, which need and sysdep.h

Forth) generate program getorb, which requires libgetorb.a

My Problem now is: 

Using the below starts in compiling the files without 
doing sysdep before. Therefore they miss and sysdep.h files.

Maybe I do not use BUILT_SOURCES in the right way or I do misunderstand
the automake 1.4 manual.

Sorry about making troubles and perhaps you can help me.

Cheers and Thanxs

noinst_PROGRAMS  = sysdep
sysdep_SOURCES   = underscore.c sysdep.f
sysdep_LDADD     = -lg2c

sysdep.h: sysdep Makefile
        ./sysdep sysdep Makefile

BUILT_SOURCES   = sysdep.h

noinst_LIBRARIES = libgetorb.a

libgetorb_a_SOURCES = carpol.f chrdat.f fin.f freeunit.f 
geocen.f geodet.f geoutm.f geoxyz.f i2swap.f i4swap.f intab8.f 
inter8.f mdate.f polcar.f sec85.f fastio.c underscore.c getorb.F 
lodr.F odrinfo.F

libgetorb_a_INCLUDES =

# Generating executables of getorb, lodr, and mdate
bin_PROGRAMS            = getorb 
getorb_SOURCES          = getorb_main.f 
getorb_LDADD            = $(top_srcdir)/src/3rdParty/getorb/libgetorb.a
getorb_LDFLAGS          = -L$(top_srcdir)/src/3rdParty/getorb
INCLUDES                = -I$(top_srcdir)/src/3rdParty/getorb


  Dr Thomas Nagler
  Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics 
  University of Innsbruck                 
  Innrain 52   
  A-6020 Innsbruck 
  email: address@hidden
  tel: ++43 (0)512-507 5495
  fax: ++43 (0)512-507 2924

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