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Re: Need help !

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: Need help !
Date: 26 Oct 2000 12:18:30 -0200
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On Oct 26, 2000, Thomas Nagler <address@hidden> wrote:

> Using the below starts in compiling the files without 
> doing sysdep before. Therefore they miss and sysdep.h files.

Add to the line:

$(libgetorb_a_OBJECTS) $(getorb_OBJECTS): sysdep.h

> Maybe I do not use BUILT_SOURCES in the right way or I do misunderstand
> the automake 1.4 manual.

One thing you're doing that probably conflicts with the way automake
deals with BUILT_SOURCES is that:

> sysdep.h: sysdep Makefile
>         ./sysdep

> sysdep Makefile
>         ./sysdep

the generated files depend on Makefile.  IIRC, automake arranges (or
used to arrange) for Makefile to depend on $(BUILT_SOURCES), to make
sure they're up-to-date whenever something else is built (as long as
you use GNU make, that implicitly considers Makefile a target).  So,
you've got a cycle in the dependence graph, and some arc gets dropped.

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