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Re: automake: Automatic Dependency Tracking

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: automake: Automatic Dependency Tracking
Date: 12 Jan 2001 14:11:44 -0700

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Brolley <address@hidden> writes:

Dave> I have a project which contains a mix of C and C++ sources, and
Dave> dependency tracking does not seem to be enabled. I've attached
Dave> my and for reference. Just wobdering if
Dave> I'm missing something. I'm using automake 1.4b on Cygwin 1.1.7.

There's definitely something wrong but offhand I can't say what it
might be.

I notice `depcomp' isn't assigned in your  And also the
.c.o (etc) rules don't have depcomp enabled.

The question is why automake thinks that dependency tracking is

Can you send your

Dave> Also, is there anyway to enabled this for projects containing
Dave> only C++ source?

It should happen by default.


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