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Re: 55-aclocal-m4-in-configure-am.patch

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: 55-aclocal-m4-in-configure-am.patch
Date: 07 Apr 2001 17:01:16 -0600

>>>>> "Akim" == Akim Demaille <address@hidden> writes:

Akim>   * (&handle_aclocal_m4): Rename as...
Akim>   (&scan_aclocal_m4): this.
Akim>   Return the list of aclocal.m4 dependencies.
Akim>   (&handle_configure): Invoke it, and use it when loading...
Akim>   * Template the rules to recreate aclocal.m4.

I think this patch changes the semantics.

Right now aclocal.m4 isn't necessarily generated.  Ok, it almost
always is -- but it isn't actually a requirement.

My reading is that this patch always generates an aclocal.m4 target,
regardless of whether one is warranted.

I don't think this should go in until that is fixed.


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