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Re: FIX for distcheck-hook problem (automake 1.4-p1)

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: FIX for distcheck-hook problem (automake 1.4-p1)
Date: 12 May 2001 19:10:10 -0600

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve M Robbins <address@hidden> writes:

Steve> P.S.  I have no clue if this affects automake CVS.  But a
Steve> 1.4-p2 would be appreciated!

I don't plan to do it, but if you can convince Gary it is fine with

Steve> 2001-05-12  Steve M. Robbins  <address@hidden>
Steve>  * (handle_dist): Fix makefile fragment emitted when a
Steve>  distcheck-hook is defined.

I checked this in on the branch.


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