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Re: 2 questions on automake

From: Reinhard Müller
Subject: Re: 2 questions on automake
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 08:42:09 +0200

Tom Tromey wrote:
> According to my test, at least cvs automake does remove on
> `maintainer-clean'.
> It does not remove aclocal.m4 or configure, though.  It should.  My
> test will ensure that we (eventually) fix this.

Let me add config.guess, config.sub, ltconfig,,
and to the list of proposed standard-maintainercleanfiles.

> I don't think this is critical for the 1.4 series.

I don't think that either. I just wanted to know if the "official" way
is to add to MAINTAINERCLEANFILES in every or
not. So as it seems it is not. :)

Thanks a lot for your effort,
Reinhard Müller
BYTEWISE Software GmbH
A-6890 Lustenau, Enga 2
Tel +43 (5577) 89877-0
Fax +43 (5577) 89877-66

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