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Re: Automake release

From: Gary V . Vaughan
Subject: Re: Automake release
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 11:25:33 +0100

On Sunday 20 May 2001  6:11 am, Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Gary" == Gary V Vaughan <address@hidden> writes:
> Gary> But it does raise the general problem of how to differentiate
> Gary> between alpha releases and full releases when using a fork
> Gary> identifier.
> I think `1.5a-myversion' is an alpha version according to the rules.

Agreed.  Buuut... 1.4a-p1 seems wrong if HEAD is at 1.4c.  Worse, releasing 
1.4b-p1 sounds like it is related to 1.4b.  I still don't like it, and won't 
adopt it for libtool or m4.

> As I recall, a long time ago the Gnits group decided that we simply
> wouldn't support more than 2 release numbers.  If the current release
> is 1.4, then the next one is 1.5.  Unfortunately for us, I didn't want
> to do this with automake since I've been saying for a long time "1.5
> will do this", "1.5 will do that".  Bleah, my bad.

I am aware of *very* few projects that can stick to this rule in practice.  
It is easy to contrive examples which cause this system to breakdown.

> The fork identifier stuff is just so that people who make their own
> version of automake, which happens depressingly often, can somehow
> mark it without intefering with a where a version number

I'm okay with that, as long as we acknowledge that they really don't work 
in CVS.

> In all this is an ugly situation.  I'm thinking of hacking automake to
> recognize that `1.4-p<N>' is between 1.4 and 1.5 (so that
> AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS=1.4-p1 will work ok when 1.5 is used).
> In the future I'll be more careful about how I talk about the next
> release, and about release processes in general.  For instance the
> release after 1.5 -- whether it is a major feature release or a simple
> bug fix release -- will be named 1.6.

So CVS will become 1.5a, and maybe you'll release 1.5b and change CVS to 
1.5c, and in the mean while you need a patch for the original 1.5, so you 
call that 1.6 (even though it is ``worse'' than 1.5a) and make change CVS 
HEAD to what? 1.6a?  And what number will the CVS branch that 1.6 came from 

I still think that a three point release number is infinitely cleaner in 
situations like this.

Alternatively, maybe you could increment the major number for releases along 
mainline, and the minor number for patch releases?

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