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Re: CPP determined incorrectly

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: Re: CPP determined incorrectly
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 17:27:53 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, Akim!

> Pavel> I have noticed Automake testsuite failures in distname.test,
> Pavel> subobj5.test and subobj6.test on OpenBSD 2.7 with the CVS head
> Pavel> versions of Autoconf and Automake.
> What's the status of this issue, Pavel?

Nothing has changed. The problem persists. There is a useful comment in
Automake, file m4/init.m4:

# There are a few dirty hacks below to avoid letting `AC_PROG_CC' be
# written in clear, in which case automake, when reading aclocal.m4,
# will think it sees a *use*, and therefore will trigger all it's
# C support machinery.  Also note that it means that autoscan, seeing
# CC etc. in the Makefile, will ask for an AC_PROG_CC use...

I don't think we can expect correct behaior from "dirty hacks" :-(

Answering your question from the next message:

> How about merging AC_PROG_CPP and AC_PROG_CC together?
> What's the point of keeping the two of them?

My concern is compatibility.  There is no real reason to test for one but
not the other, but if we go ahead and merge those macros "a few dirty
hacks" may stop working. Another stable release of Automake and/or Libtool
may be necessary.

If you feel that you can handle it feel free to merge. It should be done
earlier or later anyways.

Pavel Roskin

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