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Re: CPP determined incorrectly

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: CPP determined incorrectly
Date: 14 Jun 2001 17:17:51 +0200
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| >         How about merging AC_PROG_CPP and AC_PROG_CC together?
| >
| >         What's the point of keeping the two of them?
| * Some tools (eg. imake) apply cpp as macro-processor, even if cc is
| not available on a particular installation. Other tools might want
| to apply these tools even if not using *.c at all (Eg. using Imake
| with non-c-languages).

Do you know such places? (A cpp and no cc).

| * In rare occasions, only a functional cpp is required, but a broken
| cc is tolerable (eg. to process *.S -> *.o)

I don't think we need AC_PROG_CPP here, all you need is an
AC_CHECK_PROG, or somewhat improved if needed.  But AC_PROG_CPP is
much more than this, and is completely bound to CC.  E.g.,
AC_CHECK_HEADERS is addressed by CPP, not CC etc.

| * Some OS do not have a functional cc, but have a functional
| /lib/cpp 
| (IIRC, Solaris-2.7 by default has the infamous /usr/ucb/cc script,
| but has a functional /lib/cpp).

Again, I believe that you just want an AC_CHECK_PROG(CPP), not
something so closely bound to the C language.

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