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Re: random automake questions

From: David Petrou
Subject: Re: random automake questions
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 01:18:32 -0400
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> David> Am I doing the right thing by specifying `LDADD =
> David> ../src/.libs/libpdl.a'.
> Nope.  Doesn't it work to use `../src/'?

oh wow, i didn't even try that.  ../src/ is a text file and i
didn't think that would work.  but it does.  and the actual compile
line seems to grab stuff from .libs/ anyway.  (the actual compile line
was some repeated -L, -l, and -Wl, options, but hey, it works anyway.)

no.  my src/ file is like 2k, while ../src/.libs/ is 

> David> 2. I've noticed that there's no target to make an html version
> David> of a texinfo file.  I think for many users, html is preferable
> David> over info and dvi.  Does it make sense for a target to exist
> David> and a standard location to install html documentation?
> It does, and has long been desired, but we haven't implemented it yet.
> This is one of the few (I think) ways we failed to meet our
> expectations with 1.5.  (Another other major one being the timeline.)


> David> 3. On a related note, would it make sense for there to be a
> David> `make postscript' target?
> I'm not opposed to it or to the `pdf' target.
> I won't be doing this any time soon.
> If you don't plan to do it, feel free to submit a PR so that this
> doesn't get lost.

gotcha again.  i'll see if i can figure out how to add it, and if it
seems to daunting i'll submit a PR.

> David> 4. Using automake 1.4 on Red Hat Linux 7.1, I get a weird copying
> David> error when doing 'automake --add-missing -c', yet, the file that I
> David> needed (in this case, texinfo.tex) was copied perfectly:
> This is a long-known bug in automake 1.4.
> It is fixed in the 1.4-p1 release (and other -p* releases)


> David> 5. Another thing I've noticed: Shouldn't `make install' report
> David> a warning to stdout if `install-info' isn't found?
> GNU Coding Standards suggest otherwise.  install-info historically was
> not available, and the standards reflect this.

i see.  thanks.

> Tom


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