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Re: "make dist" calls "automake" ??

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: "make dist" calls "automake" ??
Date: 21 Jul 2001 13:23:46 -0600

>>>>> "Guido" == Guido Draheim <address@hidden> writes:

Guido> Yes, it may be *acceptable* to require special requirements
Guido> around calls to "make dist", however it should ensure to guard
Guido> if users fail to see this requirement

I agree.  If `dist' has special requirements in the future, we should
try to check for them sensibly up front and print an error message if
they aren't met.  That will help eliminate guesswork.

Guido> IMHO, the easiest might be to add an option to `missing`
Guido> instead of the "-run" that says (something like) "-warn" - and
Guido> when called, it would be talking the user saying "the make
Guido> program did see a need to call xxx but it is currently disabled
Guido> (without maintainer-mode?)".

We can't require maintainer mode.
And lately I've been thinking we want to use `missing' less, not more.
It seems to be a source of trouble.


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