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Re: [Lame-dev] little makefile bug

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: [Lame-dev] little makefile bug
Date: 27 Aug 2001 23:34:03 -0600

>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Leidinger <address@hidden> writes:

Alexander> nasm_ldadd = 

>> (cd .libs/libmp3lame.lax/libmpgdecoder.a && ar x /Volumes/White 
>> Star/Users/glessard/Codage/lame-dev/libmp3lame/../mpglib/.libs/libmpgdecode
>> r.a)

It looks like is a libtool convenience library, and
libtool is running this command.

>> The obvious question is: why does it not quote paths?

Automake doesn't because it is much too hard.
`make' is just supremely lame about this.  Working around the quoting
problems is possible (I've done it in a different tool), but really it
isn't worth the payoff.

Alexander> Guillaume also asked why absolute paths are used. Can
Alexander> anyone at address@hidden please explain why absolute
Alexander> paths instead of relative paths (this would solve this
Alexander> particular problem) are used (please keep the CC, I didn't
Alexander> think anyone of us is subscribed to address@hidden)?

I'm guessing that this is a libtool problem, and not an automake


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